Minimize Pregnancy Pain and Stiffness

Learn about our prenatal care services from Dr. Tyler Hamel for clients in Kingwood, Texas

Pregnancy might not be a walk in the park for everyone, but it can become a more pleasant experience when you seek prenatal care. Hamel Chiropractic and Wellness can help alleviate the aches and pains that come with pregnancy through prenatal chiropractic services for clients in Kingwood, Texas.

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How can a prenatal chiropractor help you?

Whether you're having your first child or your fifth, you might experience muscle and joint pain during pregnancy. Our prenatal chiropractic care is designed to help expecting mothers feel as comfortable as possible as their body changes.

Visit our clinic in Kingwood, TX throughout your pregnancy to effectively manage your pain. You can make an appointment at any time by going to our website, booking online or just calling the office. 

FAQ: Is it safe to receive chiropractic care during pregnancy?

Answer: Yes, chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and can provide numerous benefits for both the mother and baby. Dr. Hamel uses gentle and specialized techniques to address musculoskeletal issues and promote optimal pelvic alignment, which can help alleviate lower back pain and prepare the body for childbirth.

FAQ: What are the benefits of prenatal chiropractic care for expectant mothers?

Answer: Prenatal chiropractic care can help alleviate common pregnancy-related discomforts such as back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, and headaches. Additionally, Dr. Hamel will provide chiropractic adjustments to release pressure in the low back and pelvis, plus reduce the risk of intrauterine constraint, and facilitate a smoother labor and delivery process.

FAQ: Can chiropractic care help with breech presentation or other fetal positioning issues?

Answer: Yes, chiropractic care can help address breech presentation and other fetal positioning issues by optimizing pelvic alignment and reducing tension in the surrounding muscles and ligaments. Dr. Hamel focuses on releasing the round ligament as well as giving each patient support exercises to help with the babies positioning. 

FAQ: At what stage of pregnancy should I start receiving chiropractic care?

Answer: You can start receiving prenatal chiropractic care at any stage of pregnancy, Dr. Hamel sees women come in anywhere from the first trimester to the 3rd trimester; most moms will come in throughout the course of their pregnancy.   We have treated patients all the way up to 3 days before they deliver says Dr. Hamel, these moms are in pain and are looking to get relief any time they can. 

FAQ: What can I expect during a prenatal chiropractic appointment?

Answer: During a prenatal chiropractic appointment, the chiropractor will conduct a thorough evaluation of your spine, pelvis, ligaments, muscles and posture to assess for any misalignments in the spine and pelvis.  Dr. Hamel’s treatment includes gentle chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue releasing of muscles and ligaments, and specific exercises tailored to your needs and stage of pregnancy.

FAQ: Can prenatal chiropractic care help with labor and delivery?

Answer: Yes, prenatal chiropractic care can help prepare the body for labor and delivery by optimizing pelvic alignment, reducing tension in the pelvic muscles and ligaments, and promoting proper nerve function. Many of Dr. Hamel’s patients who receive chiropractic care during pregnancy report shorter labor times, fewer complications, and a smoother birthing experience.  Dr. Hamel says moms come in primarily looking for pain relief, these other potential benefits to labor and delivery can be just a bonus.

FAQ: Is chiropractic care safe for children and infants?

Answer: Yes, chiropractic care is safe for children and infants when performed by a qualified chiropractor. Dr. Hamel has been treating kids for over 24 years, his youngest patient ever was a baby who was only 2 days old; his mom came in for adjustments throughout her entire pregnancy and she thought it a good idea to get her son adjusted.  

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