Absolutely fantastic. That is how I feel after a few appt with Tyler. I suffered for years with Achilles, tennis elbow, and shoulder issues Not all of tennis related but some. I had done almost every aside from cortisone shots and plasma. I am one of those that pushes myself to the fullest extent. And even though I didn't rest as much as he told me to, I couldn't be happier. Happy to be pain free. Thank you Dr. Hamel.

Penny Smith


Dr. Hamel has been fantastic! Excellent care, staff, and treatment. I always leave feeling so much better than when I came in.

Lagala Doran


Great experience. Dr Hamel is very knowledgeable and helpful

Macormick Anderson


I had a lot of neck pain when I initially came in and it is almost completely gone after a few sessions with Dr. Hamel. He is professional, easy to talk, and really cares about his patients. He gave me workouts to do at home to relieve the pain I had in my neck and they have made a big difference in the way I feel. My everyday life feels much better without a constant ache in my neck. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor and his office manager Melissa is the sweetest.

Megan Fernandez


Excellent chiropractor! Dr. Hamel is great and has been helping me with my back and getting some of my muscles strong again! Highly recommend for chiropractic work, muscle strengthening and nutritional support!

Cameron Hale


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As a Chiropractor in Kingwood, TX, Dr. Hamel has a mission and purpose to help positively support and optimize the health of patients in his community. He blends chiropractic care with wellness and nutritional programs.

Hamel Chiropractic and Wellness's health restoration programs help identify the underlying or root causes of health conditions or complaints our patients are coming in with. Unlike many other types of medicine, you don't have to have medical insurance or need a referral from a medical doctor to see us. We have many different health restoration services to choose from as well as payment options so that our patients can afford all of the treatment they need to get our of pain and reach their health goals. 

Dr. Hamel provides a wide variety of services to help his patients optimize their health. Chiropractic care, Shockwave therapy, corrective exercises and nutritional supplements. We have enjoyed the opportunity to serve our Kingwood and surrounding communities for over 24 years and fingers crossed, at least another 5 years. 

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