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Plans & Pricing

Staying healthy, pain free and living your best life is the mission of our practice.

Keeping our patients healthy and pain free is our number one priority at Hamel Chiropractic and Wellness. We have provided affordable and convenient chiropractic care, corrective exercises and supplements to our Kingwood community for over 24 years. Dr. Hamel is a licensed chiropractor who has been helping his Kingwood and surrounding residents stay healthy and pain free using non-surgical, holistic spinal treatments, postural exercises and nutritional support. Dr. Hamel provides a comprehensive consultation and exam to let each patient know what is causing their problem, (neck pain, back pain, headaches, Sciatica and more), and a plan on how to fix it.

To make treatment affordable to everyone, Dr. Hamel offers many chiropractic treatment plan options for self-pay patients, insurance patients and those using HSA/FSA health reimbursement cards. His office accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna as well as PIP insurance, (personal injury protection insurance), for his car accident patients.  He accepts PIP from Geico, USAA, Texas Farm Bureau, State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, Nationwide, Allstate, Progressive and more.

Imagine living your life without pain so you can play with your kids, go to the gym, golf, travel, be productive at work, run that ½ marathon...this is why we are here, to help, encourage and support our patients.  From our website you can message us and now book online for chiropractic and shockwave therapy visits. 

Health Insurance

We are in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna, we accept all policies from PPO, POS, EPO and HMO. Depending on the insurance it may cover most or all of the chiropractic treatment and corrective exercises, not the nutritional supplements. Some patients pay a $15.00 or $25.00 co-pay, some have a $0.00 co-pay while others might have deductibles and higher co-pays. Our exceptional front office manager Melissa will let you know exactly what your insurance plan covers for chiropractic services. Today we are seeing higher and higher co-pays and deductibles so sometimes our self-pay chiropractic plans may be less expensive and more affordable than an insurance co-pay.  For car accident patients Dr. Hamel ONLY accepts PIP patients, meaning they have their own insurance to cover the cost of their chiropractic treatment. His office accepts all major PIP auto insurance policies such as Geico, USAA, Progressive, Farmers Bureau Of Texas, State Farm, Farmers, Travelers, Allstate, and more.  PIP insurance limits are either $2500, $5000, $7500 or $10000; these funds can be used for any medical treatment after a car accident. 

Chiropractic Treatment Plan

Every patient is different, some new patients come in from a car accident and need to be treated 3X per week to get them out of pain and back to normal.  Other patients come in with severe neck and back pain from postural stress over the years.  Then we have patients that have had chiropractic care for 20+ years and they just want to come in for maintenance.  There is a plan for you, whatever stage of pain and discomfort you are in. 

Chiropractic Plans
Patient Goals: Options
1.    Just get out of pain- 10 treatments, 6-8 weeks- release spinal joint pressure, reduce inflammation and improve circulation so that the area can heal.  This will open a window of rehabilitation.  Most patients can’t do rehabilitation and exercises because they are in too much pain so we have to get them through this phase first.

2.    Get back to pain free activities: Rehabilitation and strengthening therapy- repairing damaged joints, improving posture and stabilizing the spine, 60-120 days, 20-24 treatments. Get back to doing the things you love to do with little to no pain. ie. gardening, traveling, the gym, golf, tennis, pickleball, playing with your kids. 


  1. Pre-pay 10 Visit Packages ($555) Our Most Popular Package, (save $100) 3x week for 2 weeks (6x $55) , then 2x week for 2 weeks (4x $55) **You can buy another package of 10 visits after the first 10 if you choose. 
  2. Pay as you go: $65 per visit, some patients just like to pay as they go so this is a great option for them. 
  3. Maintenance Care: 1-2X per month to maintain alignment and a healthy spine.  When you have made all the gains from chiropractic care, feeling better and enjoying life again; why take a chance on losing all the gains you have achieved.  Come in for a tune up once or twice a month depending on your activity level, this is like a membership plan; easy peasy. These plans are set up to automatically debit monthly; however, at any time if you are not happy or want to quit we ask that you kindly just give us 30 days notice.

Maintenance Care/Membership Plans:

1X per month auto debit- $55 per month,

2X per month auto debit- $89 per month, (biggest discount, most popular)

Shockwave Therapy Plans

Shockwave therapy is our newest, cutting edge, non-surgical therapy for patients who want to hold off surgery or even totally prevent it.  We are seeing tremendous outcomes and results with shockwave therapy for shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, knee pain osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis and other extremity pains, chronic or acute. We are using this therapy because Dr. Hamel was tired of certain conditions taking so long to fix, with shockwave therapy we can get an accelerate healing response like we have never seen before.

This is a higher-level service with a higher price point, and insurance DOES NOT cover shockwave therapy. If you are suffering with neck and back pain your best bet is most likely chiropractic care and chiropractic packages; if your neck or back pain is not going away no matter what you try then shockwave therapy might be an option.  

If you are suffering with chronic extremity pain that is limiting you from doing the things you love to do; then shockwave therapy is a good option for you.   Here are the plans for shockwave therapy:

Patient Goals: Phases

  1.  Just get out of pain- 10 treatments, 6-8 weeks
  2.  Regenerate therapy- repairing damaged tissues, 90-120 days, 20-24 treatments.(most popular choice for patients)
  3. Tissue remodeling- full repair and functionality, no limitations, 12-18 months, 36-48 treatments.


  • Pre-pay 10 Visit Packages ($999) Our Most Popular Package Standard Cases, (save $391) 2x week for 3 weeks (6x $99) 1x week for 4 weeks (4x $99) Patients going on to Phase 2 buy another 10 visits package when they are finished their first 10 treatments. 
  • Pay as you go: $139 per visit, some patients would rather pay as they go; this is the best option for them.  
  • For any option, remember that we do accept all HSA/FSA health spending cards for chiropractic care, shockwave therapy and nutritional supplements. 

Phase 1- reduce inflammation and improve circulation so that the area can heal.  This will open a window of rehabilitation.  Most patients can’t do rehabilitation and exercises because they are in too much pain. (Expected time: 6-8 weeks of therapy: 10 treatments)

Phase 2 – regenerative phase, actually begins the process of helping to repair tissues.  Add strengthening and stabilizing stretches and exercises. (Expected time: 90-120 days of therapy: 20-24 treatments).  Most of our patients choose this option because they want to get back to feeling little to no pain when gardening, hiking, playing pickleball, golfers, walking your dog, vacationing, getting back to cross-fit. 

Phase 3 remodeling to restore proper function to all damaged tissues and joints, no limitations. Intense strengthening and stabilizing exercises and stretches. (Expected time: 12-18 months, 36-48 treatments)  If you are a hard core athlete or your job is very physical this is probably the level you want to get to. 

Maintenance care- once a month shockwave treatment to restimulate stems cells and maintain improvements, 1X per month, $99 auto-debit. This is like a monthly membership plan, you can quit at any time we kindly ask that you give us a 30 day notice. 

New Patient Special: Initial Exam and Treatment $79

For all new patients, Chiropractic and Shockwave Therapy, we have a special offer for the initial visit and treatment; it is ONLY $79.

  • For Chiropractic you will get an exam, a thermal exam, (to show severity of inflammation), your first treatment, some corrective exercises, and future recommendations to get you pain free and enjoying your daily activities and hobbies. Dr. Hamel does recommend natural nutritional supplements to help accelerate healing and repair, if you decide you want these there is an extra charge, (not included in the $79 special)
  • For Shockwave Therapy you will get an exam, thermal scan of the affected area to show severity of inflammation, first shockwave therapy treatment, corrective exercises and recommended treatment plan to get you out of pain and enjoying pain free activities and hobbies again. Once again Dr. Hamel will recommend nutritional supplements to help with pain relief, reducing inflammation and accelerating healing which are an additional cost if you decide you want them, (not included in the $79 special offer)

What Next?

If you are ready to take the next step to getting out of pain and back to living your best life, you can schedule your initial appointment, and BOOK ONLINE to choose a specific day and time to come in to get your first chiropractic or shockwave therapy treatment. 


We provide natural supplements for pain relief, inflammation and to help speed up the healing process of joints, ligaments, discs and muscles. Please inquire about these whole food supplements as a natural alternative to medicine if you are interested. Many patients suffering in pain these days are looking for natural supplements they can take at the same time as medicine or as an alternative.  Dr. Hamel has an online store that patients and non-patients can go set up an account, purchase supplements and have them shipped directly to your door. Check out this blog article to see what supplements you might need for specific results. 

Did You Know?

The most common cause for disability for Americans today is neck and back pain, this means that they are unable to work due to the severity of pain. American's are spending over 12.3 Billion dollars, out of pocket on consultations, medicine, imaging, mainstream and alternative treatments every single year.  We have many new patients who want chiropractic care or shockwave therapy so they can get healthy and get back to work as soon as possible. We work with our patients to help them achieve their treatment goals and hold them accountable. 

Visit our clinic today to find out how Dr. Hamel, your local Kingwood chiropractor can help you with chiropractic care, shockwave therapy or nutritional supplements.

We would love the opportunity to help get you out of pain naturally and living a healthy, energetic life. Book Online with us today.

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